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Mindful Moving was proudly formed and founded by Richie Flores. Our approach to business is influenced by Richie’s positive, life-changing experiences with yoga and mindful meditation, hence the name Mindful Moving. From a very young age, Richie’s life was marred by addiction, violence, and incarceration. There was a time when yoga was entirely unfamiliar to him, but its discovery became a crucial tool for healing and self-knowledge. Practicing yoga has enabled him to transcend a troubled past – to the point that he is now a respected business owner and yoga teacher. Keep in mind that you don’t need to be a yogi to benefit from working with our team (though we would certainly encourage giving yoga a try!)

Watch Richie’s speech at Yoga Talk 2016 presented by PUREAction.org.

We guarantee that our movers are the most dedicated bunch you will find. Moving can be a stressful time, but we bring a mindful, caring approach, and help our customers navigate the inevitable challenges that relocation brings. We’re ready to embrace any task that comes with moving your household, near or far.

Mindful Moving is one of only a few local companies that specialize in long distance relocation. We are also experts in moving valuables such as art and antiques, with superior safety. It’s our business to treat you and your belongings with utmost respect and care.

Our full-service moving service include:

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About Richie Flores - Founder of Mindful Moving

“Ritchie has so beautifully transformed…and moved himself”
Geoff O’Meara

If you’d like to know more about how yoga started Richie on the path to becoming a mindful mover, watch his story, here.

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