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Commercial Moving Tips Any Business Can Use

It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small commercial moving is a big deal. When you are relocating your business always hire a commercial moving company that has plenty of experience with commercial moving. Commercial movers that have experience can be in invaluable resource when moving your business. They will make sure that your business gets up and running in a new location as seamlessly as possible. When you are planning a business move use these commercial moving tips to make the move easier for you and your employees:

Use Full Service Commercial Movers

The best way to makes sure there is only a short amount of down time in your business is to hire a full service commercial moving company. Professional commercial movers that provide packing and unpacking services have the knowledge to pack and move your business equipment, files, and other items safely and quickly. The extra expense will be worth it when you consider how much money you’re losing in productivity during the move.

Schedule Both Ends Of The Move

If you are hiring movers to move your business after hours make sure that you contact both the old building and the new building to schedule the move. That way you can be sure someone is on hand at both buildings to open doors if needed and deal with any building or access problems that might come up. Even if you don’t anticipate any problems it’s good to give the building site managers of both buildings notice of when the movers will be there. That way they can alert security and let them know that a moving company will be coming and going on the property.

You should also check with both buildings about any specific requirements that the buildings have. Access to freight elevators and entrances may require a security code or a clearance that you will need to get in advance. Be sure to let the commercial movers that you hire know about any restrictions that the buildings have.

Have Staff On Site

To make the process go smoothly have one staff member present at the building that you are leaving and one staff member on site at the building you’re moving to. That way each person can deal with any situations that come up on site during the move. Tell the moving company that you hire that staff will be on hand during the move to make the process easier.


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