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Moving Boxes Sizes and Types

Commercial moving boxes come with many different options. You can maximize your moving truck space by getting better acquainted with the choices, ending up with just the right amount of space and durability for your needs.

Cubic feet are the unit of measurement for the available room in a moving truck. With any box you buy, it’s easy to understand sizes by looking at the markings on the sides of the boxes. A 3 cubic foot box will have three dots, a 1.5 has one and a half, and so on.

Specialized Boxes
1) Wardrobe boxes
As the name suggests, anything you can hang in your closet is ideal for this type of box, including shoes (which go right in the bottom). These boxes are also great for bulky items, like rakes, golf bags, baseball bats, soccer balls and other gear.
2) Dish Packs or Dish Barrels
This type of box is commonly used for kitchen items, or vases. They’re double walled, so they are more durable than your average moving box. A standard dish pack is 5 cubic feet.

Single Wall, Double Wall, and More
If you’re packing fragile items, then you want a dish pack, because of its double-walled box. A single walled box, which is almost the same size, would work for fairly large, but light items (example, a wicker basket).

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