11 Aug


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How to Pack Your Wardrobe Neatly

Watch our video for all the steps of packing the wardrobe neatly.

The Advantages of a Tall Moving Box
Wardrobe Boxes are great for tall items, such as long clothing. The bar at the top of this box makes it easy to arrange quality garments (still on the hanger) and stop them from getting wrinkled. Keep in mind items such a wedding dress, or other clothing that is irreplaceable.

Selecting the Box
When you shop for your boxes, they will be stamped with a size. If you select a 24-inch box, make sure the bar (which goes inside to hold up hangers) also indicates “24-inches”.

What to Pack
Think about the length of your items that will be going in the box. For example, if you’re hanging shirts, you’ll have a few feet of space left in the bottom. This space can used effectively by storing shoes or boots.

Assembling and Filling a Wardrobe Box
It’s important to start with securing the bar that goes across the wardrobe box, so that it will bear the weight of your clothing.

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