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Must-Have Packing Supplies

Watch our video for more helpful hints and to learn how to wrap a tote with the shrink wrap like a pro.

The Right Tools for the Job
You’ve probably heard that the key to a job well-done lies in having the proper tools. The job of moving is no different. Here are our favorite packing supplies that get things done, not just quickly, but effectively.

Colored Labels
Use colored labels to identify items by room. This helps you and your movers know where boxes need to go once they get to their new home.

Broad tip markers are a great tool. Having the right size marker keeps your labelling legible.

Packing Tape
Packing tape, makes it really easy to tear your tape (as opposed to cutting) and it sticks especially well to moving boxes.

Handheld Shrink Wrap
Moving totes are handy because you can re-use them, as opposed to throwing away or recycling cardboard. They can crack under pressure if very heavy, so it’s useful to reinforce them with shrink wrap.

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