28 Jul


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How to Build a Mirror Box

Watch our video and learn how to measure and complete packing of mirrors!

The Protection of a Mirror Pack
Useful for keeping breakable items safe, and secure during a move – especially mirrors. They can also be useful with a variety of delicate items – paintings, drawings, and more. In our video we used a framed picture instead of a mirror.

Prepare Your Paper
First, lie your mirror or artwork flat on brown packing paper. This type of paper is triple-ply. Just in case moisture gets in, it will be absorbed, instead of causing damage. If you have an oil painting, select a special type of paper called glassine.

Cover the piece with packing paper and secure it in place with packing tape.

Once the piece is covered, identify what the piece is, and which room it’s from.

Completing the Pack
Now you can begin building corners (aka caps) that make up your mirror pack.

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