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How to Tape a Moving Box

When faced with moving a household (large or small), there’s a huge sense of relief that comes with taping up brimming boxes. Once you’ve arrived at this step, Moving Day is just around the corner!  However, sometimes people tape incorrectly, and things get damaged. So, how do you get the job done without ending up in a tangle of tape, looking an extra from The Mummy movies – or worse, breaking your prized possessions?

Note: this step by step guide recommends using commercial, folding moving boxes (with breakaway connector tabs). These tabs keep the cardboard flaps out of your way until you’re ready to close the top of the box.

Unfold Your Box
Many people overlook the fact that manufacturers put handy tabs right on packing boxes. When you’re ready, you can fold them back and forth, and then down. Looking from the top side of the box, you can open it up, lean in, and easily start putting your items inside. Try to keep the tabs from separating, or ripping, so you can maintain the integrity of the box.

Prepare Your Tape
For your comfort, use box cutters to cut the tape, or tearable packing tape.

Add Your Tape to the Box
Take a piece of tape, and put one right down the middle of the two flaps on the bottom. Then, on the side seams, apply the tape across lengthwise, and pinch it, fold it like a little triangle on an angle, then fold the flap down.

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